Workplace Injuries

What is Worker's Compensation

If you are injured while working you are entitled to worker's compensation. Worker's compensation is a type of insurance that employers are required by law to carry (in most states). This insurance is specifically for compensating employees who are injured while performing their job. In most cases, injured workers are required to proceed through the worker's compensation administrative process, rather than other legal remedies.

Why Should an Injured Worker Hire an Attorney

Many injured workers are not treated fairly by their employer or their respective worker's compensation insurance company. This can leave the worker with unpaid medical bills or the inability to work in the future. Hiring a worker's compensation attorney from the Law Office of Adam P Johnson will ensure that your rights are protected. Additionally, not all injuries are relegated to a recovery from the worker's compensation insurance policy. You may be entitled to bring an action against a third party, which may provide for better compensation than through worker's compensation insurance.

Finally, not all workplace injuries are obvious. Some injuries may take years to manifest themselves, such as continuous exposure to toxins or pollution, repetitive motion injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome, and many others. If you are experiencing pain or medical issues and you may think it is related to a prior workplace environment, give the workplace injury attorneys at Johnson & Associates Law a call today.

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